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‘Silicon Valley’ Star Kumail Nanjiani on Meeting U2’s Bono

‘Silicon Valley’ Star Kumail Nanjiani joined Harry for more on his recent college commencement speech that he gave, as well as meeting Bono from U2.

"There is a song from U2 in the trailer and they all the whole band saw the movie. I got an email saying Bono from U2 wants you to come see him in concert," said Nanjiani. "My wife and I went and we got there and his assistant was like, ‘Hey he wants to see you.’ So then we went through a series of you go to the first secret room where there are a bunch of famous people then you go to the next secret room with slightly more famous people, then you go to the third, we wind up in the fourth secret room and then Bono came in and started talking to me and then my wife started flirting with him, so it was good and bad.

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