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Food Truck Friday: The Best of Boston's Food Trucks

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    From cookie staples like chocolate chip and snickerdoodle, to ice cream flavors like mint Oreo and peanut butter cup, you'll find no shortage of combinations of one of their monster sandwiches.

    (Published Friday, Aug. 18, 2017)

    When it comes to delicious street food, Boston has it all. Locals and tourists alike have countless options for food trucks, serving up staples like pizza and tacos and meals that break the typical food truck mold, like porchetta and specialty dumplings.

    Food Truck Friday will showcase the best of the Boston food trucks.

    Every Friday at noon, just in time for your lunch break, will feature a new truck and what it brings to the table.

    Below you can find all of the trucks we've covered so far, as well as links to photo galleries and additional content:

    You'll find some incredible jerk chicken at the Jamaica Mi Hungry truck.

    Bon Me is one of the most famous trucks in Boston, with many trucks on the road and some restaurants.

    North East of the Border focuses on authentic Mexican street food. You'll absolutely want to check out their tacos.

    Want to try a new spin on a burger? Riceburg will cook up their feature dish, an Asian rice bowl in the form of a burger.

    The crew of the Shuck Truck says they have the best lobster roll in New England. You be the judge.

    Pennypackers has something you won't find on other trucks, porchetta, an Italian pork roast that takes three days to make.

    The Roving Lunchbox cooks delicious meals into easy-to-eat pastries. Check out their website.

    Chik Chak features Mediterranean food and claims to have some of the best falafel this side of the Atlantic.

    With more than a dozen fresh cookie and ice cream options, Frozen Hoagies has thousands of possible combinations for your perfect ice cream sandwich.

    You've probably tried a basic dumpling, but Moyzilla is anything but basic. Their unique flavors will change what you know about dumplings.

    Stoked Wood Fired Pizza cooks some of the best food truck pizza in Boston with a wood stove on the truck. Click here to check out more.

    Click here for more photos and details on Mei Mei Street Kitchen, which brings you Chinese food with an American twist.

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