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Jenny and Donny FaceTime Sleep Every Night

Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy joined Harry for more on their personal lives.

Harry: "You travel a lot is it hard to be apart when you travel? What’s the limit?" 

Jenny: "Oh my God yes. Look how much closer I’ve gotten to him on the couch since we first started." 

Harry: "I was interpreting that as how far you are getting from me."

Donnie: "We found ways to make it easy which is A. Travel together as much as possible. We both work in New York when I’m not on tour but we also use FaceTime for all our phone calls. We never call each other."

Jenny: "Ever, somethings wrong if its a phone call." 

Donnie: "Yeah, that’s weird for us now and we FaceTime sleep, so at night if we are on the phone, ‘You ready to go to sleep?’ ‘Yeah I’m ready,’ and we just put the phone next to the bed and fall asleep."

Jenny: "Every night we’ve slept with FaceTime all night long, every single night we’ve been together. So I hear him snore on pillow next to me on Facetime."

Harry: "I hope you have an unlimited plan." 

Donnie: "You know what I was blaming my kids for the date explosion prices and they were like, ‘That ain't us that’s you and your damn Facetime.'"

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