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Queen Latifah on Living Single Reboot

Queen Latifah joined Harry for more on the reboot of "Living Single" and her work on the show "Star."

"People they must ask you about making a Living Single reboot right?" asked Harry. "So tell us whats going to happen with that?"

"Yes, you know what I just figure all those great shows of the past are doing reboots and why not Living Single?" said Latifah. "People have been asking for that like crazy of a long time. Everywhere I go, its like when are you all going to do another Living Single? I'm not sure what that is, I’m looking forward to talking to Yvette Lee Bowser who created that show and produced it and wrote it. We are talking about it. We literally are just trying to hook up and connect and figure out what she has planned and how we can make it happen."

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