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‘Art of the Brick' Lego Exhibit Arrives in Boston

Doug Banks/Boston Business Journal

The "Art of the Brick" Lego exhibit has returned to Boston, with more pieces of art — and more pieces of Legos.

The exhibit features nearly 90 sculptures made from Lego bricks —  more than 1 million of the little plastic pieces — by artist Nathan Sawaya. The last the show was in Boston was 2014, when it was exhibited at Faneuil Hall.

The multi-floor art show includes representations of famous works of art, such as a 3-D representation of "The Arnolfini Portrait" by Jan van Eyck, as well as 2-D versions of Van Gogh's Starry Night, the Mona Lisa and And Vermeer's "Girl with a Pearl Earring."

There is also a 20-foot Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton and a giant "Pop-Up Book," which required 10,820 bricks, based on a poem that Nathan wrote in 1994 about "a princess in a boat in a moat who's in love with a prince in a castle." A multicolored baseball player is made from recycled Lego bricks. Sawaya said he wanted to make art from the slightly chipped and "gently used" pieces rather than see them in a landfill.

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