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Boston, Like Other High-Cost Cities, Sees Population Drop

Massachusetts was one of only two states in New England to lose population, according to the latest U.S. census data

Boston was among a handful of the nation's largest, costliest cities that saw its population shrink in the year ending July 2021, new U.S. census data show.

Suffolk County, which includes Boston and a few other close cities, lost 3% of its population, or roughly 24,000 people, in the most recent year on record.

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Middlesex County, which spans from Cambridge and Somerville to Lowell, lost nearly 15,000 people or almost 1% of its population. Essex County, which covers the North Shore, and Norfolk County, including Brookline, Quincy and much of Boston’s southwestern suburbs, also suffered losses.

Massachusetts, easily the most populous state in New England, was one of only two in the six-state region to lose population. Rhode Island narrowly shrank by 619 people.

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