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Seasonal Curling Rink Opens at Cape Cod Resort Hotel

Ice skating rinks are popping up in more and more places during the colder months, bringing what used to be largely confined to the Boston Common’s Frog Pond to a mix of shopping centers.

But curling, a formerly obscure sport that grew in popularity after the United States’ unexpectedly strong performance in the 2018 Winter Olympics, has recently swept in to challenge skating’s spot as the winter pastime of choice.

Pelham House Resort in Dennis on Cape Cod has set up two small curling lanes that’ll be ready for use this week, starting Nov. 25. Pelham House can’t compete with the mountains of northern New England, but it is setting a ski lodge-inspired Après Sea Lodge for its second winter season.

The hotel will have curling available Fridays through Sundays until Jan. 29.

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