‘A City Built on Comebacks': Edelman Offers Encouragement Amid Coronavirus Crisis

The Patriots star gave a shoutout to Mayor Marty Walsh for his coronavirus response while wearing a Celtics jersey, sparking a Twitter debate over which player he was representing

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In an encouraging message as people adjust to the way of life during the coronavirus outbreak, New England Patriots player Julian Edelman gave a shoutout to Boston Mayor Marty Walsh on Wednesday, sparking a Twitter debate over which Celtics player's name is on the back of his jersey.

"As Mayor Marty - my guy - Marty Walsh always says, you know Boston is a city built on comebacks," Edelman said in a video posted on Twitter. "We're going to come back from this, but there are crucial things we have to do to come back from this."

Walsh wrote back on Twitter, thanking the Patriots wide receiver for #rootingforboston and for his message, which echoes that of state and national officials, urging people to stay home as much as possible, adhere to social distancing guidelines and maintain proper personal hygiene.

In the video, the number on Edelman's jersey is partially visible, which sparked a debate among fans over which Celtics player he was representing -- the departed #11 Kyrie Irving or the team's current #11, Enes Kanter.

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