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King Boston: Converging Arts and Public Policy to Help Form a More Inclusive, Anti-Racist City

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In a special King Boston edition of This Is New England, we take a closer look at local efforts to address social justice.

King Boston is a non-profit working with the city to create a living memorial to Martin Luther King Junior and Coretta Scott King.

It’ll be on Boston Common soon, promoting love and anti-racism. The goal is to converge art and public policy leading to institutional change and a city that is “radically inclusive and equitable."

Those ideals are so intertwined in the legacies of the Kings, and now is a critical time for the entire nation to stand for them.

The recent violence against Asian-Americans is just one example of why. The shootings in Atlanta and other attacks have created pain and fear and follow a year in which many people of color, especially Black people, felt their lives undervalued.

This episode of This Is New England analyzes everything from the structural context for King Boston, to the personal, individual choices that will make its mission come to life.

The team at King wants everyone to know they are not the only voices in the equity conversation. There are many others in the Boston area, including:

Watch the full episode of This is New England above for more information.

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