Dakota Fanning Talks About Being Mistaken for an Olsen Twin - NBC10 Boston

Dakota Fanning Talks About Being Mistaken for an Olsen Twin

She says people think they recognize her, but they don't always know who she is

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    Dakota Fanning joined Harry for Monday's show. (Published Monday, Oct. 24, 2016)

    Actress Dakota Fanning talked with Harry on Monday about being mistaken for an Olsen twin.

    "When you walk down the street are people stopping you all the time?" asked Harry. 

    "They do," Fanning said. "There's one man that's on my corner, I haven't seen him in a while but I used to see him all the time and he would scream at me. I didn't know if he was talking to me but then I realized he was. He would scream at me, 'Hey Olsen. Hey Olsen.' and I was like, 'Oh My God, he thinks I'm... he must think I'm an Olsen.' I was like I'm not going to engage back because then I'm the crazy person saying 'I'm not an Olsen' walking down the street, so I just let him think that."

    Also appearing with Harry on Monday was actor Michael Chiklis, who talked about giving the commencement speech at his daughter's college graduation. 

    Harry also kicked off Harry Tries.. Week by trying to be a member of the cast of "Stomp."

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