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Cha-Ching: Forbes Reveals Sofia Vergara Remains Highest Paid TV Actress



    Highest-Paid TV Actresses

    The women at the top of Forbes’ list of highest-paid TV actresses made some staggering cash over the last year. Most of their income came from their shows, but the top earner made some savvy business moves to propel herself to number one. (Published Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017)

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the richest of them all?

    Sofia Vergara.

    Forbes revealed its list of highest-paid television actresses, and for the third year in a row, the "Modern Family" star remains at the top.

    Vergara made $41.5 million over the last year--a quarter of which was made from her Emmy-nominated role as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, while the rest comes from licensing and endorsement deals with brands like CoverGirl and Pepsi.

    In 2016, she saw her first solo run at the top with $43 million, and the year before that, she tied for the No.1 spot with Kaley Cuoco for $28.5 million.

    Forbes' 2017 Ranking of the World's Highest-Paid Comedians

    This year, Cuoco finished in the No.2 spot for the second year in a row, racking up $26 million, which she mostly earned from her role on "The Big Bang Theory."

    Mindy Kaling tied for the third spot with Ellen Pompeo, both making around $13 million this year. While most of Pompeo's income is earned from her role on "Grey's Anatomy," Kaling has seen payouts from films like "Oceans 8" and "A Wrinkle in Time" as well as a deal with McDonald's.

    Finally, the fifth spot belongs to Mariska Hargitay, who continues to see a financially successful run on "Law &Order: SVU."

    You can check out Forbes' full list of highest paid TV actresses here.

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