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Late at Night on NBC

Clinton Mocks Trump-Putin 'Bromance' on 'Tonight Show'

The Democratic presidential candidate spoke to Fallon about her historic nomination, but told the host that she did not dream of being president as a child

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    'Tonight’: Clinton on Breaking Barriers, Debating Trump

    Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton talks to host Jimmy Fallon about the differences between her and her rival Donald Trump. (Published Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2016)

    Hillary Clinton mocked Donald Trump's continued praise of Vladimir Putin, talked about challenges on the campaign trail and even got some hair advice during an interview on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on Monday.

    Noting that Trump had appeared on program a few days before her, Fallon joked that the real estate mogul had left behind some belongings in a brown paper bag.

    "Let's look. I mean, let's see what's in there," Clinton said, playing along during the interview. 

    Out of the bag, Fallon pulled out a small, heart-shaped frame with the Russian leader's face in it.

    "No, that's not Melania, is that?" he first wondered.

    "No," Clinton responded, before referring to Trump and Putin's relationship as "the most famous 'bromance.'"

    Clinton did not hold back on her opponent, blasting his role in the “sickening" birther movement that questioned President Obama's American citizenship. She added that Trump is “not happy” about the barriers being knocked down by her nomination. 

    “You just have to take a deep breath and say to yourself, ‘what kind of country do we really want?’” she told Fallon during the interview. “And I want a country where barriers are knocked down, and little girls and little boys can feel like they can go as far as their hard work will take them without regard to race and ethnicity and religion and gender and sexual orientation and all of that.”

    The Democratic presidential candidate spoke to Fallon about her historic nomination, but told the host that she did not dream of being president as a child. 

    “It wasn’t even within the realm of the possible for little girls back then,” Clinton said. 

    She said it's difficult at times to be a woman on the campaign trail as she finds herself being criticized for being “too serious.” She said that it can be tough to find a balance between being positive and being serious. 

    One of the most light-hearted moments on the show featured Fallon reading “Letters to Hillary” sent by children. 

    One anonymous writer told Clinton to “post less on Instagram.” 

    “200 posts in [a] month!! That’s a lot..” the letter said.

    It also advised her to post more on SnapChat and to cut her hair. 

    “Best hairstyles was when you were senator and in November 1994,” the letter said. 

    Another letter, from a girl named Brijani Ellis, was filled with encouragement for Clinton as she works to knock down the “wall called Donald Trump.” 

    “It’s our job to gear up and knock down the wall and show that women have a place in this world,” she wrote. “P.S. I’m 12 and I approve this message. Vote Hillary.”