Ireland Baldwin Reveals the ‘Classy' Name She Chose for Her Daughter

The pregnant model says it's a name she has loved since she was young.

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Ireland Baldwin still has a few months before she welcomes her daughter, but the mom-to-be already has a name picked out for her baby girl.

Baldwin, who is expecting her first child with boyfriend musician André Allen Anjos, also known as RAC, appeared on the Jan. 31 episode of the "Girlboss Radio" podcast and revealed her daughter's name.

“We’re naming her Holland," the 27-year-old Baldwin said. "I’m Ireland, so another country name because we wanted to keep that consistent."

She continued, “And then I love the actress Holland Taylor. I’ve always loved that name since I was young. I just thought that was such a classy, beautiful name, so we’re going with Holland.”

Baldwin is already preparing to step into her new role.

“It’s cool that I get to unconditionally love this person and do my best to make her as equipped for this world and as badass as possible," Baldwin said.

The model-turned-writer said she is "excited" to parent in a different way than her own parents, Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger.

“What I’m most excited about really is more centered around a lot of things I really wanted in terms of stability as a child myself that I didn’t have,” Baldwin told podcast host Avery Francis.

She continued, “What’s kind of exciting is I get to raise this little human and do things completely differently than what I was taught was the norm.”

It's not the first time Baldwin has gotten candid during her pregnancy.

“Pregnancy is hard. It takes so much out of you. I wasn’t ready for that,” she said in a Jan. 18 Instagram post, adding, “It’s hard moving somewhere with no family. It’s hard not being really close to family to begin with because they live far or are idiots that I want nothing to do with.”

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