Keke Palmer Warns People to ‘Protect Those Eyes' After Sunburning Retina While Sun Gazing

“I did sun gazing in Joshua Tree and I done sunburned my retina playing around trying to be Gandhi and s---,” the actor said

Actress Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer is sharing some words of wisdom for “spiritual heads.”

The “Nope” star urged people to “protect those eyes” after sharing that she sunburned her retina while sun gazing. During a Wired video, where she answered “the web’s most searched questions” about her, Palmer was asked if she wears glasses.



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“I wear glasses and now I’ve been walking around lately wearing two glasses,” she replied, before sharing her anecdote. “For all my spiritual heads out there that’s always looking for a different meditation vibe, don’t ever do the sun gazing, honey.”

“I did sun gazing in Joshua Tree and I done sunburned my retina playing around trying to be Gandhi and s---,” Palmer, 28, said.

Sun gazing is a meditative practice where one looks at and focuses on the sun, according to Medical News Today. However, medical professors note that the practice can cause permanent damage to the eye.

Van Gelder, a clinical spokesman for the American Academy of Ophthalmology, told previously told TODAY “the danger is real for permanent vision loss” for those staring directly at the sun without the proper protection.

Palmer now understands, as she continued in the video, “So be careful with that sun, the UVs and the global warming. You gotta protect those eyes because now I’m seeing double and stuff. My astigmatism is, like, going left. The doctor said he can’t even promise me it’ll heal. So I’ve just been praying, because d---.”

“So yeah, my eyes been bad since I was 8 and everybody in my family wears glasses. Hopefully I didn’t do too much to mess it up,” she added before concluding, “Pray for me.” 

Elsewhere in the 14-minute video, the actor also what her real name was, how she got famous, who people tell her she looks like and who her best friend is.

“You gonna find some people I don’t rock with no more,” she blatantly said. “So careful with this one. It ain’t whoever you finding online, I’mma tell you that right now. So, scratch that.”

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