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Prince Harry Reveals How King Charles III Told Him Princess Diana Died

Prince Harry reflected on the death of his mother Princess Diana and shares how he says his father King Charles III told him the news in his upcoming book.

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Prince Harry will never forget that day. 

In his upcoming memoir "Spare," the Duke of Sussex recalled the moment his father King Charles III broke the news of Princess Diana's death to him.

According to a copy of the Spanish language version of the book, titled "En La Sombra," obtained by NBC News, Charles sat Harry, who was 12 years old at the time, down on the bed. Calling him "my dear son," Harry writes, Charles then informed him that Diana had been in a car accident and that she had sustained injuries that seemed unlikely to improve.

"What I do remember with stunning clarity is that I did not cry," Harry wrote, per the copy obtained by NBC News. "Not a tear. My father did not hug me."

NBC News has reached out to Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace and they have declined to comment. A rep for Prince Harry also declined to comment to NBC News on the record.

Diana, who'd been chased by the paparazzi, died Aug. 31, 1997 following a car crash in Paris. She was 36 years old.

In his and Meghan Markle's recent Netflix docuseries, "Harry & Meghan," Harry said what it was like for him and his brother Prince William to mourn their mother's death while in the public eye.

"When my mum died we had two hats to wear," he said during the episode. "One was two grieving sons wanting to cry, grieve and process that grief because of losing our mum. And two, was the royal hat show no emotion, get out there, meet the people, shake their hands. The U.K. literally swept me and William up as their children with an expectation to see myself and William out and about was really hard for the two of us."

While Harry noted in the docuseries that he doesn't "have many early memories" of his mom, he said he mostly remembers how they were hounded by the paparazzi and how she "did such a good job in trying to protect us." Not wanting "history to repeat itself," Harry said he feels the need to protect Meghan and their children Archie Harrison, 3, and Lilibet "Lili" Diana, 19 months.

Prince Harry isn’t holding back in his new book, “Spare.” According to a new report from The Guardian, the royal is reportedly going into detail about an alleged altercation with his brother Prince William.

Now, Harry, who along with Meghan stepped back as working members of the royal family in 2020, is sharing what he says life has been like for him, including where he stands with his father and brother. In an upcoming interview with "Good Morning America," the 38-year-old revealed how he thinks Diana would feel about his current relationship with William.

"I think she would be sad," Harry said in a recent teaser for his conversation with "GMA." "I think she would be looking at it long-term to know that there are certain things we need to go through to be able to heal the relationship. I have felt the presence of my mum more so in the last two years than I have in the past 30."

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