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See What Happened When Mariah Carey and Daughter Monroe Went to McDonald's

Mariah Carey and her daughter, Monroe Cannon, kept the employees at a McDonald's in Aspen, Colo., on their toes with two pranks before finally revealing their identities

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The Queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey, is being naughty and nice.

On Thursday, Dec. 23, the "All I Want for Christmas Is You" singer, 52, posted an Instagram video that features her and her family visiting a local McDonald's in Aspen, Colo., and pulling some lighthearted pranks on the staff with some help from assistants and Carey's daughter, Monroe Cannon.

In their first prank, Monroe, 10, attempts to order a Mariah Carey T-shirt, beanie, and Big Mac at the drive-through window with a hilariously aggressive, raspy New York accent. While the prank may have been in good fun and not sponsored, the merchandise is real and part of Carey's current "Mariah Meal" promotion with McDonald's.

As a result of her accent, the man on the opposite side of the intercom can't understand her and politely asks her to order at the window instead. When she declines, he then asks, "Uh, ma'am? Can you please leave the store and never come back? Thank you very much."

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His quick dismissal of the family causes them to all burst into laughter. "We just pranked the man," Monroe explains in the video. "He told us to never come back because I'm so good at acting."

Carey then reminds her daughter to remain "humble" and have "humility," but lets her know that she "killed it" with her performance.

Inside the store, Carey reveals that her assistants are pulling another prank as they attempt to order a Big Mac in Portuguese to varying degrees of success. As the video cuts to them, an employee can be seen shaking his head.

After putting the McDonald's staff through the wringer, Carey decides to visit the employees and order for herself. The singer enters the store in a glittering red floor-length dress and says, "Well, I hope I'm not overdressed."

When she orders a Big Mac and asks for the manager, the woman comes to the front and is immediately starstruck. "Hi!" she says, before covering her face with her hand. "Oh my god!"

After mingling and taking pictures with employees, Caey says, "Listen, this was so fun and spontaneous. If I were a little kid and dreaming of this, I never would've thought that it would happen, so Merry Christmas, I love you!"

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