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‘SNL' Cracks Open the Boston Jokes for ‘Real Bostonian' Sam Adams Sketch

With Massachusetts native Bill Burr hosting, it's no surprise they did a Boston sketch

SNL's Sam Adams sketch
Rosalind O'Connor/NBC

Feeling nostalgic for a "Saturday Night Live" Boston accent sketch? If you ah, this week's show had just the thing for you.

Host Bill Burr starred as a "real Bostonian" judging one of the the many seasonal beers brewed by Boston's Samuel Adams brewery. Nearly all the people sampling the made-up Jack-O-Pumpkin Ale have the accent, but Burr's character is like something out of a Ben Affleck movie.

The Canton native hams it up in a Celtics jersey while taking swig after swig.

"This is the kind of beer somebody brings to a party at your house and then it sits in the fridge for like eight months," he says.

While other customers have nothing but positive things to say as they sip the seasonal brew, Burr’s character chugs multiple beers, repeatedly complaining about how bad it tastes.

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