This Map Shows Americans' Favorite Thanksgiving Sides — and We Have Questions

First of all, Maine: What’s happening here?

Thanksgiving dinner
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Sure, the turkey is the main event for Thanksgiving, but we all know that the sides are really where it’s at.

Zippia, a career website, analyzed Google searches to determine each state’s favorite side for the annual holiday and the results are mostly what you’d expect ... with a few questionable exceptions.

For starters, allegedly Maine is “all about that side salad.”

Yes, that’s correct, Zippia found that Maine searches for side salad the most in the month of November.

Maine, if you’re reading this, please promise us you'll eat carbs on Thanksgiving!

Kentucky really likes “broccoli casserole” while Alaska searched for “hash brown casserole,” both of which sound delicious but … honestly, we had not considered a Thanksgiving side?

Interestingly, only New Hampshire was interested in cranberry sauce.

Several states searched “rolls,” to which we would like to channel our inner Barefoot Contessa when we say the following reminder: store-bought is fine.

It probably comes as no surprise that the Northeast loves stuffing, while the Mid-Atlantic and South enjoy mac and cheese with their turkey.

Green bean casserole has fans all over the country — from Idaho to Texas and the Southwest, as well as portions of the Midwest and Upper South.

We also can’t overlook the popularity of mashed potatoes, which are a hit just about everywhere.

However you enjoy your side dishes, we hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

"Thanksgiving may be called Turkey Day, but maybe it should be called mashed potato day. Or mac 'n cheese day," Zippia wrote in their findings. Photo credit: Zippia

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