‘Wheel of Fortune' Host Pat Sajak Puts Contestant in Armlock After Perfect Game

'He got me, genuinely,' the contestant said of Sajak's wrestling maneuver

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Winning "Wheel of Fortune" had been a lifelong dream for Fred Fletcher-Jackson.

But those dreams probably didn't include getting put in an armlock by host Pat Sajak.

A drama teacher and professional wrestler, Fletcher-Jackson was a contestant on the March 21 episode of "Wheel of Fortune." And he put on quite a show with a rare perfect game, including a victory in the bonus round.

The incredible performance landed Fletcher-Jackson a $75,800 grand prize ... as well as an armlock.

Fletcher-Jackson, who noted that he wrestles for "very little" money and does it "for the fun," came away impressed with the wrestling maneuver from the 76-year-old Sajak.

"He got me, genuinely," Fletcher-Jackson said in a postgame interview with Maggie Sajak, Pat's daughter.

"I was trying to counter his hammerlock that he had me in. I was trying to get behind him and I wasn't going anywhere."

The celebratory armlock capped a moment that had been years in the making for Fletcher-Jackson, whose first words when he was a child were actually related to "Wheel of Fortune."

"My mom says that my first words ever were, 'Buy a vowel.' True story," Fletcher-Jackson said. "Wheel was at the top of my list of dream-come-true scenarios in my life and it's happening."

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