38 ‘Essential’ New England Restaurants to Visit This Summer

Eater visited numerous restaurants in New England and came up with their essential 38. Check out the list and pop into one you've never tried before.

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Lou Wang
Craigie on Main located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is famous for their fresh burgers. Topped with cheddar cheese on a milk-bread bun, diners won't be disappointed. The restaurant is located at 853 Main Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
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Right in Boston's Kenmore Square, Eastern Standard is the perfect place for a trendy cocktail or quick bite. The menu is complete with traditional American favorites and the bartenders are always willing to make creative cocktails. The restaurant is located at 528 Commonwealth Avenue in Boston.
Facebook/Gypsy Apple Bistro
Gypsy Apple Bistro is famous for their French cuisine. Among the fan favorites, house-made ramen and filet minion. The restaurant is located at 65 Bridge Street in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts.
Facebook/La Brasa
Looking for a great date night? La Brasa in Somerville, Massachusetts, offers $50 date nights on Wednesdays that include an appetizer, dinner, and dessert. The restaurant is located at 124 Broadway in Somerville, Massachusetts
Loyal Nine
Loyal Nine in Cambridge, Massachusetts, serves traditional seafood. It is located at 660 Cambridge Street.
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O Ya Sushi is located in Boston as well. There are traditional favorites as well as special "nigiri" and Asian desserts. The restaurant is located at 9 East Street in Boston.
Facebook/The Prairie Whale
The Prairie Whale in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, serves fresh food as the animals are located right on premises. The restaurant is located at 178 Main Street in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.
Facebook/Row 34
Located right in Boston, Row 34 is famous for their seafood. Try out the oysters or lobster rolls while you're there. It's located at 383 Congress Street in Boston.
Need a new Middle Eastern restaurant to try? Head to Sarma in Somerville, Massachusetts. Check out their crispy pork ribs while you're there. The restaurant is located at 249 Pearl Street in Somerville, Massachusetts.
Justin Ide
Sportello is also a Boston hot spot serving fan favorite Italian food, including bolognese. The restaurant is located at 348 Congress Street.
Head to Waypoint in Cambridge for a classic pizza or less traditional favorites like bottarga, pecorino, and uni. The restaurant is located at 1030 Massachusetts Street.
Another Boston favorite is Uni. Serving up traditional Asian food with a modern twist. The restaurant is located at 370 Commonwealth Ave in Boston.
Moxy in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, features small plates. The restaurant serves a wide array of local classics. The restaurant is located at 106 Penhallow Street in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
Polly's Pancake Parlor in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire, is a go to spot. Famous for their mouth-watering pancakes, visitors to the area must stop by. The parlor is located at 672 NH-117 in Sugar Hill, Massachusetts.
Sally's Apizza located in New Haven, Connecticut made the list for their various toppings and fantastic tomato sauce and crust. The pizzeria is located at 237 Wooster Street in New Haven, Connecticut.
Facebook/Sea Swirl
Sea Swirl located in Mystic, Connecticut, is a small outdoor shop that serves fresh seafood as well as ice cream. The shop is known for their whole-belly clams. Seafood lovers can also try fried seafood including scallops, shrimps, and oysters. The restaurant is located at 30 Williams Avenue in Mystic, Connecticut.
The Place in Guilford, Connecticut, known for its outdoor restaurant near the beach made the list for their seafood. Guests can enjoy a dozen roasted clams, a lobster, or some bluefish. Not a seafood person? You can try their barbecue chicken and roasted corn. The restaurant is located at 901 Boston Post Road in Guilford, Connecticut.
Ted's Restaurant
The original Ted's Restaurant in Meriden, Connecticut, has been serving steamed burgers since 1959. Diners can enjoy a juicy burger at the small little shack. The restaurant is located at 1046 Broad Street in Meriden, Connecticut.
Facebook/Drifters Wife
Drifters Wife is a wine bar in Portland, Maine. The wine bar serves a long list of your favorite wines as well as traditional American dishes. The wine bar is located at 63 Washington Ave, in Portland, Maine.
Eventide Oyster Co is famous for their lobster rolls and oysters. The restaurant has nearly 20 varieties of oysters from Maine. Eventide Oyster Co is located at 86 Middle Street in Portland, Maine.
Facebook/Long Grain
Long Grain in Camden, Maine, is famous for their Korean BBQ. The restaurant is run by a husband and wife team and puts a new twist on classic favorites. The restaurant is located at 31 Elm Street in Camden, Maine.
Facebook/The Lost Kitchen
The Lost Kitchen is famous for their rhubarb during springtime. The restaurant is located at 22 Mill Street in Freedom, Maine.
Facebook/Maine Diner
Want to try a lobster benedict? Head to the Maine Diner located in Wells. You can also try their famous lobster omelette. The diner is located at 2265 Post Road in Wells, Maine.
Timeless Gourmet
Need a good lobster roll? Check out McLoons Lobster, a small stand right in South Thomaston, Maine. The lobster rolls are fairly priced and the spot is pretty popular and very picturesque. The lobster shack is located at 315 Island Road in South Thompston, Maine.
Facebook/Palace Diner
Looking for another quick diner in Maine? Check out the Palace Diner for your classic pancakes or french toast. The diner is located at 18 Franklin Street in Biddeford, Maine.
Enjoy a true farm-to-table experience at the award winning Primo Restaurant in Rockland. Ingredients are grown in the garden on the grounds, wear animals are raised. Tour the premises before enjoying one of the best meals Maine has to offer. The restaurant is located at 2 Main Street in Rockland, Maine.
Facebook/Tandem Coffee & Bakery
Tandem Coffee & Bakery in Portland, Maine, made the list for its fantastic baked goods. The small shop is famous for their butter-and-jam biscuit sandwiches. The bakery is located at 742 Congress Street in Portland, Maine.
Facebook/Tao Yuan
In the mood for Korean food? Check out Tao Yuan in Porland, Maine. One of the fan favorites are the dumplings. The restaurant is located at 22 Pleasant Street in Burnswick, Maine.
Facebook/Al Forno
Al Forno located in Providence, Rhode Island is great for a quick slice. Looking for dessert after? They also offer a platter of warm cookies. The pizzeria is located at 577 South Water Street in Providence, Rhode Island.
Looking for pasta with a twist? Head to Oberlin in Providence and try their spaghetti and meatballs for a meal full of flavor. The restaurant is located at 186 Union Street in Providence, Rhode Island.
Facebook/O Dinis
O Dinis severs Portuguese classics if that's what you're craving. The restaurant is located at 579 Warren Avenue in East Providence, Rhode Island.
Looking for seafood in Providence? Head to North. The restaurant stays open past 10 p.m. so it's always great for a later bite. The restaurant is located at 3 Luongo Memorial Square in Providence, Rhode Island.
Looking for seafood in a casual outdoor setting? Check out The Red Dory in Tiverton, Rhode Island. Among the traditional seafood items the restaurant also features arugula salad and lemon pudding cake. The restaurant is located at 1848 Main Road in Tiverton, Rhode Island.
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Looking for a mouth-watering burger in Burlington, Vermont? Head to ArtsRiot for a collection of bar food, including burgers. The restaurant is located at 400 Pine Street in Burlington, Vermont.
Facebook/Hen of the Wood
Hen of the Wood is great for a wide range of flavors and tastes. The menu follows seasonal favorites and is a great spot to try out. The restaurant is located at 92 Stowe Street in Waterbury, Vermont.
Kismet features a plant-based menu. If you're a veggie lover this is the spot for you. The restaurant is located at 52 State Street in Montpelier, Vermont.
A fan favorite at Misery Loves Co. in Winooski, Vermont, is the lasagna. The restaurant is located at 46 Main Street in Winooski, Vermont.
Facebook/SoLo Farm & Table
SoLo Farm & Table features farm to table greens on the menu. There are 20 different kinds of tomatoes on the menu during summer months that are used for their Mediterranean-style meals. The restaurant is located at 95 Middletown Road in South Londonderry, Vermont.
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