Brian Buckley's Traditional St. Patrick's Day Recipes

Corned Beef

The beef needs a full boil fir 20 mins & summer for 45 mins per pound thereafter. Cook the cabbage for 15/20 mins in the same water after you take the meat out to rest

Always slice the corned beef against the grain...


In your pre heated hit pan, drop the butter and turn it around the pan quickly as butter can burn..

Throw your prawns in on the high heat with bubbly butter, swirling the prawns around the pan and add a generous amount of white wine.

Turn the pan off when the prawns change colour and allow to rest for 3-4 mins before serving

Scallops With Black Pudding

Heat your pan to medium only, dropping in a generous amount of butter. Cook your puddings on both sides, adding the whiskey when they are half done...

Turn up your pan when the pudding is dark and add your scallops, taking great care not to over cook them. 2 mins on high is ample time.

Rest for 2 mins before serving

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