20 Boston-Area Pizzas You Need to Try Right Now

The Boston area is rife with excellent pizza places, from well-established mom-and-pop stores to pubs with under-the-radar pies.

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The buffalo chicken pizza from Darcy's Village Pub in Quincy, Mass. is marvelous.
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The Irish pizza at the Hillside Pub in Canton, Mass. comes with mashed potatoes, scallions, and a choice of bacon or ham.
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New London Pizza in Concord, Mass. has thick-crust pan pizza that is a mix of bar pizza and Greek pizza.
The bar pizzas at Home Cafe in Brockton, Mass. are classic individual pies that have cheese extending to the edge of the nicely charred crust (you can pay an extra 50 cents for burnt edges, by the way).
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Avellino's in Medford, Mass. offers an impressive thin-crust pizza that can be ordered with any of nearly 20 different toppings.
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The Sicilian pizza at Bob's Italian Foods in Medford, Mass comes in large square slices with a thick and slightly spongy crust, a sweet-tasting sauce, a good amount of cheese on top.
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The pizza at Napoli Pizza & Subs in Lawrence, Mass. is absolutely delicious.
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The bacon cheeseburger pizza from City Streets in Waltham, Mass. is totally over the top – in a good way.
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Alumni, a bar in Weymouth, Mass. has a bacon-and-feta pizza to die for.
The wonderful margherita pizza from Stella's in Watertown, Mass. comes with ricotta and basil.
The Sicilian pizza from Leone's Sub and Pizza in Somerville, Mass. is one of the best in the Boston area.
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The meatball pizza at Brewer’s Fork in Charlestown, Mass. is cooked in a wood-fired oven and has a wonderful smoky flavor.
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Bella Luna in Jamaica Plain, Boston, has a very good grilled thin-crust pizza.
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DePasquale's at Night Caps Corner in Newton, Mass. serves up huge slabs of thick Sicilian pizza with slightly sweet sauce and lots of golden-brown cheese.
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The Sicilian pizza from Armando's in Cambridge, Mass. is excellent, with lots of cheese and a sweet sauce.
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The pizzas at Cagney’s, a bar in Quincy, Mass., lean more toward gourmet than bar-style or thin-crust.
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The Greek pizza at Taso’s Euro-Café in Norwood, Mass. is worth the trip.
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The taco pizza from the Brook Kitchen and Tap in Holbrook, Mass. is something to behold.
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Kelley Square Pub in East Boston has a terrific meatball pizza.
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Check out the pepperoni pizza at Granite Grill FX in Braintree, Mass.
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