3 Ways You Can Find Contentment in 2023

Psychotherapist and Author Niro Feliciano shares her best tips when setting new goals

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It’s the time of year we set big resolutions and often focus on the results. Psychotherapist Niro Feliciano says switching our mindsets to embrace the process over the results could lead us to find more contentment.

In her book “This Book Won’t Make You Happy” Feliciano says to set intentions rather than make resolutions to account for being human and not meeting a goal every day.

3 Tips to Help You Find Contentment This Year & Beyond

  1. Cultivating a Voice of Self-Compassion

When you don’t hit a goal, how do you talk to yourself? Think about how you would speak to a friend if they fell short on a goal and mimic that language with yourself. Giving yourself grace is hugely important.

  1. Start Small

Don’t try to leap to something new. Take small steps toward your goal and make them super easy. Feliciano gives the example of wanting to wake up early. If you want to wake up early to work out, set out your exercise clothes the night before. If you want to meditate and sip your coffee, schedule your coffee to brew in the morning next to your notebook.

  1. Start a Gratitude Practice

Gratitude is a powerful emotion. The simplest acknowledgment of the things in our lives we are grateful for goes a long way.

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