5 Ways to Stay Safe When Going Out At Night

Safety is always the priority.

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With the recent incidents of "drugged drinks" occurring at some of Boston's local bars and nightlife spots, safety has become a big concern for women. So, Hannah Donnelly has a few safety tips to keep you and your friends protected.

1. The Buddy System: It's the best. Plain and simple, always stick together and never go it alone. You can't go wrong with sharing your location with your friends prior to going out. Communication is key!

2. FLARE: Personal Safety Communications Alert System

This personal safety system is a wearable bracelet device that connects to a mobile app. There is also a hidden button and, depending on how you press the button, it will give you one of three strategies on how to escalate or deescalate any situation.

3. BIRDIE: Light Personal Alarm System

This key chain has a thirty-decibel alarm. One of Hannah's pro tips is, "If you are walking somewhere at night and you don't feel safe, take it out before you start your walk, so you don't have to reach into your bag and find it if something happens."

4. Ask for Help From Those Around You

Bars will have signage in the bathrooms for ways to ask for help from the bartenders/managers.

5. Don't Accept Drinks From Strangers, and Don't Put Your Drink Down

It's always important to cover the top of your cup even if you're not looking at it. Never leave your cup or drink alone; try to always take it with you, even when you use the restroom.

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