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Best of Both: Keeping Your Kids Entertained on New Year's and During Vacation

When it comes to our kids, we're always looking to keep them happy.

With so much going on-- from holiday parties, school vacations to the New Year upon us -- it can be hard to juggle everything all at once.

Lifestyle and parenting expert Bethany Braun-Silva shares some great family-friendly ideas you can do with your kids on New Year's Eve and some fun ways you can keep them entertained during their holiday breaks that don't involve plopping them in front of a screen.

Parenting expert, Bethany Braun-Silva shares ideas on what to do this New Year's Eve if you have little ones in the family.

Family-Friendly Ideas to Do With Your Kids on New Year's Eve:

One of the first tips that Braun-Silva suggests doing is what she sees as a "low-lift, high-impact" scenario: a DIY balloon drop for your kids. With just a few garbage bags, you can place a bunch of balloons above the kids and set it up so that, when your kids pull a string, they have an enormous surprise of balloons falling.

If you're looking to give your kids that same exciting countdown experience, but you don't want to keep them up until midnight, Bethany suggests celebrating "London style." Since the foggy town is five hours ahead of us, you'd be celebrating at 7 p.m., and watch the spectacular fireworks in England.

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If your kids' school vacations are sneaking up on you, Braun-Silva shares some of the best ways to keep your kids entertained during their vacations.

Parenting expert Bethany Braun-Silva shares some low-tech ideas to keep your kids busy, happy, and imaginative during their holiday vacations.

Low-Tech Ideas That Will Spark Your Kids' Imaginations:

Hopefully, the kids will be playing with some of their new presents by the time holiday break rolls around, but what happens when they throw out that dreaded "B" word: "Mom! I'm bored."

Braun-Silva has a great idea for tapping into kids' imaginative side.

She suggests buying a long roll of white paper and having your kids lie down to trace their bodies! Next, they're able to be creative and abstract by filling in a life-size version of themselves on paper.

It's a great indoor craft for them to do when the weather outside may not be so great in New England.

Watch above to hear all of Bethany's stellar suggestions for things to do with your kids.

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