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Brighten Your Holiday with ZooLights

The Annual ZooLights is back at the Stone Zoo this year to bring light to 2020. This is sponsored by Stone Zoo.

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For more than 20 years Stone Zoo has hosted their beloved holiday tradition: ZooLights. The experience kicked off last month and runs through January 17th.

The family-friendly experience is a feast for the eyes, featuring hundreds of thousands of LED lights throughout the zoo.

As guests walk the one-way, tree-lit path they will see massive lantern displays (some seen at Boston Lights earlier this year), some of the Zoo's most popular animals, and other beautiful holiday-themed displays.

There's so much going on, it's sure to put your entire family in a holiday mood.

"It’s fun, it’s safe, it’s interactive. You get to learn about some animals as well. And, this time of year where many families can’t meet inside, this is a great, safe outdoor experience where you can come as a group," says Joe Gresci, Director of Guest Experience at Stone Zoo.

When it comes to COVID precautions, there's a mask mandate, social distancing is encouraged, there are several hand-sanitizing stations along the path, and you will see more staff around the Zoo to keep any crowds moving.

One important thing to note before you head out: You must reserve a ticket in advance at StoneZoo.org. It's one way the zoo is maintaining a safe number of visitors at any given time.

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This is sponsored by: Stone Zoo.

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