How A Local Female Engineer Aims to Change the Muscle Recovery World

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Boston is the birthplace of so many things rooted in innovation and fitness, and the new kid on the block is PACT led by local engineer and entrepreneur Bridget Hunter-Jones.

Hunter-Jones is leading a team to make personalized recovery possible with a percussive muscle massager that pairs with a handheld scanner and app to let you know the level of intensity you need.

The Chief Invention Officer is someone Hunter-Jones knows well, has worked with since she was a kid, and has looked up to for her entire life: her dad, Ian Hunter.

Jones had a home lab where his daughter could join him and lean on when things got hard as she navigated the male-dominated industry.

Jones explains that he is not surprised by his daughter’s ambition and success and enjoys working with her.

Hannah Donnelly spoke with Hunter-Jones about the mainly female staff, the device, what makes it different, and her journey bringing the product to market. Watch above.

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