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How Does He Do It? Hannah Donnelly Gets Spooky Sneak-Peek of The Salem Haunted Magic Show

The trick is the treat.

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When it comes to Halloween, there are two parts to the iconic saying trick-or-treat. A lot of the time, we only focus on the sweet candy treats we get, and not so much on the trick part.

The Hub Today's Hannah Donnelly went to Spooky Town, USA --- Salem, Massachusetts to meet up with Christopher Grace. He's a performer and magician with the Salem Haunted Magic Show.

Hannah wanted to see for herself how he pulls off his magic tricks and if he could pull off a mind-bender while she was there.

So, did he? Let's just say this is something you have to see to believe. It's magic taken to an entirely new level.

We still can't explain it.

Watch to see the spooky trick and preview of what you can expect at The Salem Haunted Magic Show.

Watch and then let us know on our Instagram what you think. How did he do it?

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