How To Keep The Entire Family Happy And Healthy For The School Year

Expert tips and advice that you need to hear before the school year starts.

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Both parents and students may be feeling a bit anxious as the new school year is upon us -- especially because the COVID-19 virus is still a lingering concern.

So, what should you do to keep the entire family safe, happy, and healthy? Dr. Scott Hadland, Head of Adolescent Medicine at Mass General Hospital stopped by the Hub Today to give some expert advice on a few ways you can properly prepare for the school year ahead.

1. Get All Needed Vaccinations

When it comes to getting the COVID-19 vaccination along with other boosters, Dr. Hadland emphasizes that it's, "The single most important thing we can do." Even if your child has already contracted the virus, he says that it is still recommended that you get that additional protection to gain more of an immune boost beyond the natural immunity.

Dr. Hadland also makes a note that getting all vaccinations, including the flu and HPV shots are highly recommended prior to getting back into the classroom.

2. Talk To Your Pediatrician

If you are a concerned parent, Dr.Hadland advises you to talk with your pediatrician when you have any questions regarding safety and vaccinations. You need an expert to talk to, and your doctor's office will have all the right resources and guidance to give you.

3. Wear Your Mask In Class/Indoors

Even though a lot of schools are not going to be requiring masks this year, it is still a good idea to wear one, although Dr.Hadland acknowledges that, "It does become an individual family and kid decision."

Wearing a mask will be beneficial in protecting against all viruses that can be spread around, not just the COVID-19 virus.

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