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Level Up Your Party Game: 5 Unique Hostess Gift Ideas

These festive finds will get you invited back for more.

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Holiday parties are in full swing, and you never want to show up empty-handed. Sure, a bottle of wine will get you in the door, but that's so meh.

If you want to add some pizzazz to your party game, lifestyle expert AJ Hernandez has some host and hostess gift ideas that are not only creative but practical.

5 Unique Hostess Gifts To Give This Holiday Season:

1. DIY Simmer Pot:
Fill a jar with things like fresh citrus, cinnamon sticks, cranberries, whole cloves, and other holiday treats that meld perfectly together for a great aroma. Hernandez says the objective of this gift is so the hostess can add the jar full of goodies to a boiling pot of water to fill the room or house with sweet smells for the holidays.

2. Ornament Ice Molds & Bottle of Locally Made Spirits:
Another classic idea is to create the perfect holiday cocktail kit. Hernandez likes to pair Ornament-Shaped Ice Molds from Williams Sonoma with any of your favorite, locally distilled spirits. His holiday picks: New England single malt whiskey from Short Path Distillery in Everett, Estate Gin from Bully Boy Distillers, and the Privateer's Queen's Share 4-Year Aged Rum from Ipswich, MA.

3. ChappyWrap Blanket & Scented Candle:
This is the perfect cozy gift for any host or hostess. The Chappywrap Blanket, which is a New England-based company, is great for snuggling up by the fire or bringing with you outdoors by a firepit. Hernandez pairs this blanket with a candle from Preston Konrad Home in the scent 'Highrise', which he says smells like a luxurious Manhattan Hotel.

4.  Tommy Jam Collection Gift Set:
The perfect gift for your foodie party hosts: gourmet tomato jams called Tommy Jams from Eltee's Goods. They come in a variety of different flavors to cater to everyone. "It's like a sweet tomato jam with a kick", says Hernandez. These versatile jams are great for marinades or charcuterie boards.

5. Sailormade Mini Globe Knot Wine Glass Charms:
Have you ever been at a party and you put your drink down to talk to someone and you turn back to see it has disappeared? Give the gift of Mini Globe Knot Wine Glass Charms from another local, New England-based company, Sailormade. These tiny little holiday wine charms are great hostess gifts because they will help your guests keep track of their drinks.

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