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‘Morgan's Message': Helping Athletes Prioritize Mental Health

How the suicide of a student-athlete spurred a movement to expand services for others.

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For the most part, athletes are great about staying on top of their physical health with strength training, skills practice, recovery, and more. They need the right resources and can usually get them from their schools or trainers.

However, when it comes to mental health those support resources are often not available or can be hard to find. 

Morgan’s Message is on a mission to support student-athletes with their mental wellness and encourage schools and organizations to equalize the treatment of mental and physical health.

The non-profit honors Morgan Rodgers, a former Duke University student-athlete, who died by suicide in July 2019. 

Rodgers’ friends and families wanted to do something so that others didn’t have to go through the same thing.

With over a thousand Morgan’s Message ambassadors on college and high school campuses across the country, including UMass Lowell, this mental health mission is just getting started. For more on Morgan's story and the conversations that are emerging around mental health, be sure to check out the full video above.

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