‘Playa Society' Using Fashion to Fight for Equality


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First, she was an artist, then an athlete, and now an entrepreneur. Massachusetts native Esther Wallace is on mission.

She's using fashion to amplify the voices of female athletes through her brand, Playa Society.

"The mission of Playa Society is to use design as a platform to bridge the gap for women's sports, to facilitate conversation, to tell the stories of female athletes, and to strengthen the community or at least uplift the community because we're really strong already and we just need more visibility and more exposure," says Wallace.

She started with a single female athletic t-shirt, and not many people knew about it.

Then, she says, "There was obviously the bigger moments where the first Candace Parker was the first athlete to wear the shirt kind of on a big stage."

Now, a lot of WNBA players sport playas, too.

Watch Hannah Donnelly's segment with Wallace above.

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