Running Safety: Products That Aim to Keep You Secure

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Safety first! Whether running in dim light, complete darkness, or even crummy weather it’s so important to make sure that people around you – cars, bikes, pedestrians – can see you.

Reflective gear is a great option. One popular piece of gear is a reflective vest that goes over your running clothes. There are also hats, straps, jackets and more.

If you run when it is completely dark (early mornings or nights), it’s best to wear something with more light. There are lightweight vests with lights on every side. Similar to a reflective vest, you can layer it on top of any running clothes.

After you’ve ensured others can see you, find ways to make it easier for you to see with a headlamp. Things you’ll want to consider: brightness, battery duration, weight.

The unfortunate reality for female runners is that the checklist of things to consider before leaving for a run is longer.

In a 2021 study by Runner’s World and Women’s Health, 60% of women reported having been harassed while running.

To see examples of types of products mentioned here, plus a ring with a serrated blade covered by rubber and more, check out The Hub Today segment above.

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