The Boston Uncornered Photo Project

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The Boston Uncornered Photo Project is the newest installation at the Seaport Common.

You’ll find thirty eight-foot photographs of athletes, celebrities, political figures, business leaders, and those that were previously involved with gangs or violence. 

Each photo is accompanied by a story from that individual illustrating a time in their life when they had to be resilient.

Mark Culliton, Boston Uncornered CEO and Founder explains the purpose is “to show that gang-involved young people are no different than you or I.”

Everyone knows what it's like to feel "cornered." The moving project is run as a non-profit with the mission to give youth involved in gangs, crew, or violence the tools they need to create a better situation or become "uncornered."
The portraits are on display in the Seaport Common until Friday, October 30, 2020.

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