The Mission Behind The Prudential Center's '31 Nights of Light' Program

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If you live in the city of Boston, you may be seeing different colors light up the night sky.

31 Nights of Light is an annual holiday lighting program at the Prudential Center. Every night in December, the Prudential Tower is lit a different color to represent a different charitable partner.

According to Rebecca Stoddard, Marketing Director of BXP Boston Region, in addition to having the tower lit, each organization can host an event within the shopping center to interact with the general public, to educate people on their cause, and to raise money.

Our own Kwani Lunis was at the Prudential to flip the switch the very first night to shine a light on Heading Home, an organization that helps helping people of all ages move out of homelessness.

This year, there are additional lights at View Boston, a soon-to-be-open observatory at the Pru.

Stoddard says the intention is for visitors to have the opportunity to explore the city from the sky and pick out landmarks and attractions of interest that they’d like to explore. 

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