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Tuesday, Dec 11, 2018 at 05:20 PM EST

The Scene: Local and Unique Gifts

Jackie Bruno reports on the website Etsy.com, where local and unique gifts can be easily found this holiday season. »

Jell-O Introduces Its First Edible Slime

Jell-O Introduces Its First Edible Slime

Kids will soon be able to eat AND play with their food. Jell-O Play on Thursday introduced edible slime. The squishy and stretchy toy is a social media phenomenon, which spawned online recipes for edible... »

Red Carpet Premiere for 'Instant Family'

"Instant Family," starring Mark Wahlberg, is putting the spotlight on foster care adoption. »

WATCH Releases 'Worst Toys' List for 2018 Holiday Season

Cabbage patch dolls, pillow pets and Nerf guns may seem like a good holiday gift for children, but one group is saying otherwise. »

'The Voice' Live for the First Time

A Boston native is set to take the stage Monday in the first live episode of "The Voice." »

Disneyland Hotel Sued Over Alleged Exposure to Bed Bugs

A woman who stayed at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim alleges she was "butchered" by bedbugs and suffered emotional damage as a result, according to a lawsuit obtained Thursday. Ivy Eldridge, a visitor to... »

Holiday Fact Check: Is Eating Snow Ever a Good Idea?

Are poinsettias really poisonous? Are snowflakes really pure as the driven snow? Does feasting really put on the pounds? Sure as sugarplums, myths and misconceptions pop up every holiday season. »

A DACAmented Journey

"WET: A DACAmented Journey," a new one-man show in Boston, hopes to open people's hearts and minds, showing them what life is like as an undocumented migrant. »

Boston Native Sings on 1st Live Episode of 'The Voice'

Steve Memmolo of Boston will find out Tuesday whether he moves on after performing live Monday on "The Voice." »

Frank, Barbara Sinatra Auction to Include 20-Carat Diamond Ring

Frank, Barbara Sinatra Auction to Include 20-Carat Diamond Ring

More than 200 items belonging to Frank and Barbara Sinatra ranging from movie scripts to jewelry are going up for auction. Sotheby's on Monday unveiled the contents of Lady Blue Eyes: Property of Barbara... »

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