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Starbucks 'Secret' Drink Is Finally Added to the Menu

It’s a special concoction called the “Medicine Ball,” and is touted as a cure for the common cold

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    Starbucks 'Secret' Drink Is Finally Added to the Menu
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    In this undated file photo, the Starbucks logo is seen over a shop on the Las Vegas Strip.

    One of Starbucks “secret” items has become so popular that it’s officially been added to the regular menu. 

    It’s a special concoction called the “Medicine Ball,” and is touted as a cure for the common cold. The drink is a combination of hot water, steamed lemonade, jade citrus mint tea, peach tranquility tea, honey, and peppermint.


    When you feel a cold coming on (or if you already have one) ask for "The Medicine Ball". #starbucksmedicineball #starbuckscoldbuster Update 3/29/17: It's peculiar that is drink is getting so much attention all of a sudden. The "news article" going around has several different authors depending on which link you follow. It seems that not one of them has bothered to do research, check sources, or seek permission to link to people's Instagram accounts. This concoction has been around for at least a couple years that I know of. It was recommended to my husband by a barista at one of our local @Starbucks, and he suggested it to me when I was sick. Who really knows if it's a customer-invented drink, or if a creative barista (who may, or may not, have been working at a completely different company) came up with it...?🤔____________________________________________#WWendiWonkySketches #art4all #everydaymatters #illustratedlife #sketch #creativitykillsoldness #insidemysketchbook #inkpen #inksketch #straighttoink #freehandsketch #quicksketch #watercolorsketch #everydaysketch #lettering #foodsketch #sketching #watercolor #inkandwash #linesketch #sketchjournal #illustratedjournal #visualjournal #sketchbook #waterbrush @fabercastellglobal #pittartistpen #watercolorpencils @stillmanandbirn #stillmanandbirn Softcover Epsilon

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    A Starbucks spokesperson told TODAY that the company began seeing orders come in for the beverage in October 2016, and it quickly gained popularity on social media. 

    The store manager who alerted Starbucks’ corporate office to the trend said his baristas had been making more than 20 of the drinks a day, TODAY reports.


    Fingers crossed that it lives up to the hype! #starbucks #sicktea #everytimethewindblows

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    Starbucks COO Kevin Johnson told Fortune that it typically can take months to add a new drink to the permanent menu, but the Medicine Ball was fast-tracked because of its high demand. 

    Making the Medicine Ball official means it now has a standard recipe card and ring code at Starbucks locations, according to TODAY, and here’s how it’s made: 

    • 1 Venti cup filled with half hot water and half steamed lemonade
    • 1 bag of Teavana Jade Citrus Mint Tea
    • 1 bag of Teavana Peach Tranquility Tea
    • 1 packet of honey
    • Pump of peppermint (optional)