Strike a Pose at Selfie Museum in Hollywood

National Selfie Day is June 21

We read it time and again, hear about it from many people and have to acknowledge it for ourselves: Upload a photograph to the internet and there it is likely to stay, and/or be shared, for all of time, or through to the end of the internet, whichever arrives first.

The lesson here, in short? Contemporary photos have an inherent foreverness to them. And many such snapshots, at least nowadays, tend to be of the took-it-myself variety.

It was just a matter of time before a light-hearted institution devoted to the snapping of the perfect selfies popped up, and pop up, it did, with cheek, verve and charm, in Glendale, California in the spring of 2018.

But, like that selfie that invariably gets deleted, even fun pop-ups generally come to a conclusion. Which is why the Museum of Selfies has gone on to make its forever home in Tinseltown, at 6757 Hollywood Boulevard.

The displays that fans have come to adore include the "bathroom selfie" area, which contains a mirror area with no actual mirror.

Visitors can also play at being a movie star in the selfie-themed awards ceremony room, which, of course, is an ideal fit for the museum's neighborhood.

An optical illusion room by artist Darel Carey and 3D angel wings created by Colette Miller will be part of the larger, yes, picture. (You know these wings, from walls around town, but these are Ms. Miller's first three-dimensional wings.)

A ticket for an adult? It's $25, while children may enter for $20 each (kids age 5 and under are free).

Doesn't it make rather delightful sense that such a museum should land, with permanence, in a city that's become synonymous with image awareness, high fashion and that perfect, red-carpet pose?

Find your favorite picture-taking device and/or selfie stick, practice that pout, then head for the selfie museum on Hollywood Boulevard.

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