'Vermont's Most Beautiful Address' Is Your Next Vacation Destination

The Woodstock Inn in Vermont will make your vacation dreams a reality

If you are looking to book a vacation to kick off the summer, Vermont’s Woodstock Inn and Resort has something for everyone.

The 142 room resort, which started as a tavern more than 200 years ago, offers over 40 activities. Culinary programs, swimming in pools and streams, skiing and snowshoeing at Mt. Tom, hiking, and playing tennis and golf on an 18-hole course are just some of the Inn’s expansive offerings.

"When you come into the Woodstock Inn, we want you to feel like you’re coming in to our home," Director of Operations Kim Ann Vollers said.

Each night, the resort plans family-friendly activities, which include roasting popcorn by the fire, flower arranging classes, and Sunday night dinners. The Inn also hosts weddings and engagement parties for couples.

"It’s our place to make [your stay] feel as personalized as possible," Vollers said.

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