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Cape Cod Customers See Amazon Shipping Delays

Despite messages from both Amazon and UPS saying packages are out for delivery, customers say they never arrive

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Shipping issues are causing Amazon packages to be delayed on Cape Cod and now some residents are expressing their frustration.

Among those customers is Shawna Baacke of Sandwich, who wants to know what's going on with her packages.

"We're waiting for a medical device," the Massachusetts resident said. "My son's waiting for textbooks for pre-med classes he's taking, and he hasn't had them for three weeks."

Baacke is not alone. Other Cape Cod residents have been complaining on social media too.

Despite daily messages from Amazon and UPS, saying packages are out for delivery, they never arrive. 

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Customers have posted: "They keep changing the delivery dates," and "They are holding my packages hostage!" 

“UPS is sending me updates that every day my package is going to be delivered, and every day the UPS truck goes by my house,” Baacke said. 

Baacke said she couldn't get through to Amazon customer service by phone, but she did reach UPS. 

“I talked to a couple of supervisors on the 800 number, and one of them confirmed it and said it is a contract dispute and said basically if I get my packages from Amazon, I should consider myself lucky,” Baacke said. 

She reached out to NBC10 Boston Responds for help and we contacted both companies. 

Amazon told us they are not in a dispute with UPS and issued a statement saying, "We're balancing capacity with other delivery providers in the area.  Customers are encouraged to reach out to our customer service and we'll work to resolve any delivery issues."

UPS provided a statement saying, "We are continuing to make deliveries for all of our customers, including Amazon, and the vast majority of our services continue with the same time commitments our customers have come to expect."

But UPS points out that it suspended its service guarantees in March until further notice as a result of complexities created by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We gave both companies Baacke's information, and over the weekend, she received 4 of the 5 packages she had been waiting for. 

UPS says there can be pockets of delays at any time during the pandemic. They work to address those delays as quickly as possible while prioritizing urgent deliveries, like medical supplies and pharmaceuticals. 

If you're missing your packages, call customer service for both companies. If you don't get results, call NBC10 Responds at 1-888-521-NEWS. 

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