Cruise Cancellation Policy Called Into Question

A Massachusetts couple turned to NBC10 Boston for help when they realized the Royal Caribbean credit issued was only good for a year from the date of their canceled trip

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When the coronavirus pandemic hit, a Massachusetts couple canceled their July cruise to the Baltics but weren't concerned about getting a refund — until they looked at the company's credit policy.

"I was more concerned with our safety," Mroczka said. "We wanted to be out in front of it, so we canceled first."

Mroczka initially received a future cruise credit from Royal Caribbean that he could use for a trip, but he realized the credit issued was only good for a year from the date of his canceled trip.

Mroczka expected the credit to extend through next year, because Royal Caribbean's policy posted on its website says, "Future cruise credits are valid through December 31, 2021, or 12 months from your original canceled sail date...whichever is longer." 

"I called them, and I talked to several representatives, asked to speak to supervisors and everyone told me no, the policy has changed, and you now only have a year from when you cancel," Mroczka explained. "My argument was, but it's on your website that I should get a cruise credit that is good until December 2021." 

Mroczka said he made numerous calls to the company, but couldn't get them to extend his credit.  

 "I just wanted that extra time to decide what we wanted to do as far as a future cruise, so when I didn't get any satisfaction from them, I contacted NBC10 Boston," Mroczka said. 

NBC10 Boston contacted Royal Caribbean, and the company extended Mroczka's credit through 2021 saying, "We are working with our guests directly to resolve any issues." 

A company spokesperson would not answer specific questions about the future cruise credit policy or Mroczka's situation. The couple, however, is relieved to have the credit extension.

"I'm concerned about COVID, but maybe by then, they'll have a vaccine or some better treatments. We'll have to wait and see," Mroczka said. "I'm really happy that I contacted your station. I had watched you do this for other people with other situations. It was an excellent experience." 

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