NBC10 Boston Responds Helps a Concord Woman Get Her Wedding Ring Back

She expected to get the rings back in two to four weeks. Many weeks later, she still couldn't get a timeline from the jeweler

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Imagine losing the diamond from your engagement ring.

“I looked down and my heart dropped,” says Nicolle Whelan of Concord. “It must have happened during dinner at some point when I was cooking because we found it on the countertop next to the stove.”

In January, Whelan took her wedding rings, which were soldered together, to Jared Jewelers in Burlington to have her diamond reset.

She expected to get the rings back in two to four weeks. Her receipt showed a promise date of Feb. 25, 2021.  

“After about four weeks, I had to call them,” Whelan said. "They told me another four weeks. I called them back after five weeks and they told me another four weeks. They kept pointing fingers to the repair shop and they weren’t really being very open with communicating with me or giving me a timeline or a deadline.” 

Whelan says she kept calling and even emailed the corporate office.

“I was trying anything possible,” she said. “I spoke with a couple of management associates on Jared’s end they really couldn’t give me any answers.  They eventually pointed me in the direction of their home office, which is where they sent the ring out to and I couldn’t get a human. It was all automated. That’s really when I started to get nervous.”

Whelan says emailing NBC10 Boston Responds for help in late March was her last resort.

We contacted Signet Jewelers, the parent company of Jared Jewelers, to see if we could get some information on her rings.

“Probably within 20, 25 minutes of you reaching out to, I think their corporate side, I received a phone call from their store manager that she was informed of the situation and that everything was getting expedited,” Whelan said.

A Signet Jewelers spokesman thanked us for contacting them and issued a statement, which said: "We constantly strive to offer our customers the best experience, whether they’re visiting us to purchase a symbol of love or to repair a cherished piece of jewelry such as a wedding ring. We were sorry to hear that her experience fell short, and we immediately acted to correct that. We can now report that Mrs. Whelan’s ring is in the store and ready for her to pick it up."

"We personally apologized to her for the delay, and will use her experience to help improve our process," the statement added.

And on that recent snowy day, Whelan and her husband picked up the rings. She says Jared also gave her a $500 gift card for the inconvenience.

“We got it, it looks great,” Whelan said. "Super sparkly, which is great. But yeah, we finally got it we’re so happy!”

Her husband thanked us for our help and said he’s glad this is over.

“I am so happy. Happy wife, happy life. So yes, I’m very glad it’s over,” he said.

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