IMAGES: Here's Where We Were Right Before the COVID Shutdown

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Last thing my family and I did before lockdown was attend a Celtics game. It was my boys' first, and it was incredibly special for my husband and I to see how much they loved it. Looking back, James looks like a baby. He’s nearly three now and talking so much! We can’t wait to get back to a game -- and some normalcy, for everyone. Jackie Bruno

Oh what a year it’s been. Feel lucky we got in a CA trip to see my sister and her kids in Feb. 2020... just before COVID hit the US. Can’t wait until it’s safe for everyone to see their loved ones again! Kristy Lee
Crazy to look back on life days before we went into lockdown. This was my last press conference, March 5th, when Sen. Elizabeth Warren stood outside her Cambridge home with her husband Bruce and dog Bailey to announce she was dropping out of the Presidential race. Alison King
On March 7, we had my son’s acapella group, The Colgate Thirteen, staying with us for the weekend including about 50 people packed into our house for a concert. What could possibly have gone wrong? Alison King
Maisyn and I were all smiles when we took this photo one year ago!  We were about to watch "Onward" at a movie theater in Foxborough.  Little did we know, this would be the last “mommy- daughter” date we’d have outside of our home, as the COVID-19 lockdown happened just days later. Audrey Asistio
My live shot the morning of March 10, when Boston area colleges started to send students home from campus. It was on this morning, a year ago, that I realized the seriousness of this pandemic was settling in and that this would last quite a while. Jeff Saperstone
A second image is a Tweet I sent out two days later on March 12, when grade schools and other things started to close down. I just took a picture of the sky. The weather was so nice but the weight of what was about to hit us was real and overwhelming. Jeff Saperstone
One of the last candid shots Katherine Underwood and I were able to take at the desk sitting together. Jeff Saperstone
March 8th. Brunch with friends. It would be the last time we’ve eaten dinner inside a restaurant as a large group. Susan Tran
We went bowling!!! Bowling on March 6th! I remember seeing some large groups there too, but thinking none of us have traveled to China or Italy so we should beOK. Susan Tran
On March 11th, Mel (Melody Mendez) and I took this funny photo with a wooden trinket she had gotten me, look at how close we are!!!! Susan Tran
Five days later, we were separated in the studios so we could keep at least a 6 feet distance from each other! Susan Tran
One year ago today I was at a fundraising event for breast cancer called Speed Rack. Royale in Boston, where the event took place, was packed with people. It was the last time I’ve hugged many of my friends. Abbey Niezgoda

I took my oldest to the park where everyone was running around enjoying the beautiful weather, without masks. Olessa Stepanova
I took my twins to the pediatrician for their 4 month checkup. Olessa Stepanova
ONE YEAR AGO...what were you doing before the governor declared a state of emergency a year ago today? I had just gone to see Monster Jam at the DCU Center in Worcester! Who would have ever thought then that it would become a COVID-19 field hospital...twice! I was also with my photographer, Darrell, who’s been stuck working with me almost every day for the past year 😳 Alysha Palumbo
One of our last trips to the playgrounds in Boston before they closed. Katelyn Flint
A look inside the new NBC10 Boston studio at the Boston Media Center when we didn’t realize it would be at least a year before we’d all be that close together in one space (and mask free) again. Katelyn Flint
The last family trip we took before the state of emergency started in MA. It was our daughter’s second time flying and she absolutely loved it. She hasn’t been on a plane, or left New England since this picture. Katelyn Flint
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