Heat Building Up Again Before Big Weather Change

After a stunning weekend, things start to change today. The heat builds again, bringing temperatures back into the upper 80s and low 90s for most today except along south-facing beaches, which will be kept cooler thanks to an onshore wind.

Humidity also starts to creep up today, but shouldn’t be too uncomfortable. Humidity increases even more Tuesday, which sets the stage for spotty thunderstorms in the afternoon as a cold front swings in through from the north.

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Temperatures will be in the 80s and 90s Tuesday, but cooler to the north, where the cold front moves in earlier in the day.

The front gets ingested early Wednesday by Tropical Storm Chris, which misses us well over the coastal waters, but will churn up our surf with waves up to 5 feet along south-facing beaches.

Wednesday is still a little muggy to the south, but temperatures are cooler everywhere.

Temperatures start to pick back up into the weekend, and so does the humidity. Dewpoint temperatures will reach the 70s by early week and with temperatures back in the 90s, we’ll be stuck in the soupy-feeling air. Thunderstorms also look likely into next week with plenty of available moisture to draw on and at least one disturbance looking to move through.

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