#SB50, #NFLExperience Take Over San Francisco

A mini city inside a city, a convention center turned into Disneyland for football fans and a tech-savvy NFL that will do anything it takes to impress (VR included).

Broncos and Panthers supporters are soaking it all up in San Francisco, but locals are not too happy (think tourists, tight-security, blocked streets, traffic, and even more traffic).

Those who work inside Super Bowl City limits along the Embarcadero are having to go through airport-like security as lines snake around entire blocks (not to mention K-9 units who keep sniffing at their bikes). There's mixed reaction on social media about all the "big guns" law enforcement are carrying around inside Super Bowl City — while some think it's a good idea after the recent Paris attacks, others describe it as scary and unnecessary.

Even with all the tight security, equipment said to be used for Snoop Dogg's live shows was reportedly stolen from an SUV in San Francisco.

Both visitors and Bay Area residents can be heard discussing media reports on how San Francisco's homeless are being "herded" out of Super Bowl City. Protesters are taking advantage of the Super Bowl limelight as well — staging impromptu rallies and demonstrations.

Then there's the whole "Why does San Francisco get to have all the fun" complaint — South Bay residents are not happy that San Francisco is hosting both Super Bowl City and the NFL Experience, while Santa Clara, where the actual game is going to take place, or its next door neighbor, San Jose, gets nothing.

"We are calling it the Silicon valley Bowl or Bay Area Bowl," San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo told NBC Bay Area at a Super Bowl Host Committee press conference Monday. "San Jose is doing great. We all benefit from this," Liccardo said, urging everyone to come out and enjoy the celebration.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee touted the philanthrophic nature of the event, describing it as the most "giving" Super Bowl ever. San Francisco won't be reimbursed for hosting Super Bowl, a sore issue with some residents.

Super Bowl Host Committee CEO and President Keith Bruce said that tens of thousands of locals have visited Super Bowl City since it opened last weekend. "We touted it as locals weekeend, so Bay Area residents could come and enjoy everything ... Each day more and more fans from around the country — not just Panthers and Broncos fans — will be coming in to enjoy all that we have to offer."

San Jose did get to host a Media Night extravaganza on Tuesday, with a little help from the NFL. Peyton Manning, Cam Newton and Miss Universe made an appearance, as did an orange-and-blue leprechaun.

Manning talked about his legacy, Newton showed off his trivia skills and Josh Norman donned a Nacho Libre mask. And, the Panthers were named the "Best Bearded Team" by Head & Shoulders.

Here's a look as #SB50 and #NFLExperience take over San Francisco.

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