Super Bust? Airbnb Subletters Struggling to Cash In on Super Bowl 50

Plenty of homes, apartments and rooms are still available for rent ahead of Super Bowl 50.

Many people are finding Super Bowl weekend has been a super bust when it comes to renting out their homes.

Dozens of homes, apartments and rooms remain available for rent on Airbnb even though prices are plummeting.

In Santa Clara, a home listed on Thursday and just a few yards from Levi's Stadium still could not find any renters. Many residents had dreams of a quick payday renting for the big game, but experts said too many people in Santa Clara listed their homes at extreme prices and will likely end up not making a dime.

"Still haven't heard anything," said Brandon Smith, who hoped to score some extra cash during Super Bowl week by renting out his two-bedroom apartment in Campbell.

Smith initially listed the apartment on Airbnb for $1,600 a night. He has since dropped the price to $1,000 a night and has yet to find any takers.

"When you might have a chance at a huge amount of money to rent your place out and you don't get it, you can be disappointed with that," Smith said.

Prices continue to drop fast on Airbnb. A house in Santa Clara was listed on the site for $700 a night on Thursday morning. By the afternoon, the price was down to $575 a night.

Ian McHenry, president for Beyond Pricing, said at one point there were hundred of home sin Santa Clara asking for more than $1,000 a night.

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