Police Arrest 4 Outlaws Motorcycle Club Members in Brockton

The four suspected members and one associate were arrested Friday.

Massachusetts State Police

Four members of a motorcycle club were arrested by Massachusetts State Police in Brockton, Massachusetts on Friday on unlawful firearm possession charges.

None of the men are from Massachusetts, police said. A fifth person who was associated with the Outlaws Motorcycle Club members was also arrested.

The following people were charged with, among other things, unlawful firearm possession:
- Matthew Miles, 41, of McMinniville, Tennessee
- Pedro Tapia, 51, of Murfreesboro, Tennessee
- Matthew Ballingham, 43, of Waterbury, Connecticut
- Edwarrd Mahon, 61, of Cornwall, Vermont
- Margaret Cahill, 29, of Westmont, Illinois

When police searched their hotel room, they found 4 grams of crystal methamphetamine, more ammunition and another handgun, according to the news release.

Brass knuckles and a knife were also found during the arrest. The Outlaws MC is describes itself as a "1 percenter club". Traditionally, these types of motorcycle clubs are notorious for failing to follow rules.

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