Pro Tips for Corralling the Chaos in Your Home Now That It's Back-to-School Time

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Back to school is here and in most houses, the kitchen becomes the command center of the chaos. So, if you’re looking to tidy up and get organized before things get out of control, Maria Sansone's got you covered.

Maria asked professional organizer Molly Heartfield to go through her kitchen to learn top tips from the expert.

Heartfield, the owner of Heart & Co., says, “The key to staying organized is implementing systems that are easy to maintain. So, I always say it gets worse before it gets better.”

 She suggests taking everything out before you decide what goes back in. “We will go through everything, check expiration dates and categories and sort everything,” she says.
It also helps to take things out of wrappers when possible.  She says, “The less trash, the better.”

Heartfield says the goal is to give everything a dedicated space, like snacks, school items, etc.
One key to keeping things organized: LABELS. Once each area is labeled, even kids know where everything should go. For more tips, watch the video above.

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