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Saying Hi to Your Delivery Person Can Make You Happier, According to This Author

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Meaghan Murphy is one of those people who ooze positivity. In her new book 'Your Fully Charged Life', the author and Editor-in-Chief of Woman's Day spells out ways to bring "your best self to every moment."

Who wouldn't want that, right?

Meaghan stopped by Mom2Mom to chat with Maria about steps she uses to bring 'yay' into every day.

Hint: She says simple things like saying hi to your delivery man can actually 'up' your happiness meter!

But, Meaghan keeps it real; she knows from experience life is not always easy.

In fact, she shares her painful but inspiring story of growth as she struggled with an eating disorder and the loss of a friend to suicide during her teen years.

Watch Meaghan's inspiring episode above.


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