Can the Red Sox Repeat in 2019?

NBC10 Boston’s Raul Martinez was joined by Lou Merloni from Fort Myers, Florida. Can this team repeat? Merloni says he views them as one of three teams that could potentially win it. “Repeating is really tough. Winning a championship is tough. Unfortunately people in the Boston area are skewed because we have seen the New England Patriots and we’ve had a lot of success here recently. It’s just not that easy. You gotta stay injury free. There are guys that gotta step up…Does Mookie have another MVP Season? Does JD have the year he did? Does Xander have the year he did? I think it’s really, really difficult, and ...I think the biggest issue is they’re going to have to figure out the back end of the bullpen during the regular season.” Merloni also discusses how the Sox closer situation will play out, what the expectations are for Dustin Pedroia, potential for 2019 free agents to re-sign during the season, which player will exceed expectations this year, and David Price.